Why Choose Us

Our clients choose us because we are different.

It is precisely because we are different that we are able to stand apart from our peers and we are able to serve our clients the way we do. Some of the key points of difference that separate us from others practicing in our field are the following:

We are specialists as opposed to generalists

The business community the world over has already accepted what many professional law firms in Africa have not yet embraced. In nearly every industry and sector or human endeavour, there is a growing consensus that specialists out perform generalists. At JN Kirkland & Associates, we have deliberately committed ourselves to following this lead of industry. We have specialised our practice and limited our services to only those areas where we are confident that we can be able to serve our clients best. This means that we become very good at the things we choose to do for our clients. Specialisation translates into direct tangible benefits to our clients. We save them time, money and we do not make costly mistakes. Clients who have dealt with us report that they find it truly refreshing to deal with a team of legal experts that is fully on top of the game.

We only offer legal advice that makes business sense!

Our primary philosophy is understanding clearly what our clients’ business objectives are and fashioning our legal advice and solutions to approaches that are in line with the client business goals and expectations. In all our dealings with clients, we make sure that our legal advice makes sense not just to the lawyers, but more importantly to our clients. We understand clearly that legal advice and solutions must advance and not disrupt business objectives. Our emphasis on the business side of legal advice is a welcome contrast that our clients are happy with.

We measure our success differently

Our practice group measures its success not by the traditional criteria adopted by most law firms. Instead we focus on those measures that are important to our clients.Our clients look to the usefulness of our advice and our contribution to their business success. Did our engagement with the client result in a tangible business benefit or growth for the client? Is the client happy with us? We measure the success of an engagement by how much our involvement helped improve the clients business. In other words, we measure our own success with the business success of our clients when they deal with us. Our clients are always challenged to judge us by the business usefulness of our advice.

Our quality service program

Clients who have experienced the JN Kirkland approach to quality service have been very impressed by our genuine commitment to serving our clients effectively. We have taken solid and revolutionary measures to ensure that all our clients, at all times, receive the best possible service in market, consistently in all their dealings with us. This remains true, regardless of who they deal with in our organisation.

Our regional outlook

Like many larger firms in the developed world, JN Kirkland & Associates does not confine its activities to geographic boundaries. We are rapidly expanding our services to effectively respond to our clients needs beyond national borders. With the development of the East African Community and additional political and trading blocks, there is a growing movement of business and business interests between nations in the region. Our clients have benefited directly in dealing with a law firm that has this kind of outlook. We have been able to identify and follow through business opportunities with clients in various countries and we have been instrumental in helping some of our clients establish their business interests outside their traditional home countries.

We try to be useful to our clients beyond the specifics of our engagement

Another unique feature of our practice is that we always strive to be useful to our clients beyond the specifics of our engagement. We go to great lengths to understand their business and their long term objectives. We then go out of our way to identify other business opportunities and ideas that can enable them to reach their overall objectives. In this way, we are able to link like minded clients to mutually beneficial relationships and we become a useful source for business referral for our clients.

Our Commitment to self improvement

We are our biggest critics! We do not bask in our past successes or achievements. We want to do better! We need to do better, so that our clients can be served by the best! Our drive for constant self improvement is purely for the benefit of our clients! We have set ourselves exacting standards and we are constantly reinventing ourselves to ensure that we meet all our clients’ expectations. It is only with this constant self examination that we are able to deliver on our promise to our clients that they shall receive the best service available in the market. We routinely solicit and welcome client feedback on our services on any engagement to ensure that we have a report card on every assignment. How did we perform on this assignment? What things went right and what things can be improved? How can we be of better service in the future? Our experience with this approach has been truly positive. Clients are able to freely discuss their views on our work with us and we are able to learn to serve them better in future. With better communication between professional advisors, our clients find that we are more responsive to their individual and specific needs. This allows us to customize our services to meet particular client needs and to adjust our work practices to accommodate the special needs and requirements of each client. Our clients, who have experienced this customized service like it, appreciate it and recommend it to others who have not received it.