Our Values

1. Thou shall always honor thy word to thy client

  • We always keep our promises to our clients.
  • We always honour our deadlines.

2. Thou shall always be available to thy clients at all times

  • We always take the client’s calls.
  • We are always available to the clients whenever they need us.

3. Thou shall always labor, toil and do whatever it takes to produce quality results

  • We shall do what it takes to deliver on time a client’s work.
  • We shall do what it takes to produce quality work for the client.
  • Quality work is what the client says it is, not what we think it is.

4. Thou shall always keep thy client informed of the progress of their work

  • We shall consistently update the clients on the progress of their work with us.

5. Thou shall always maintain utmost discipline and hold integrity above all else in dealings with thy clients

  • We shall always work with integrity while dealing with the client’s work.

6. Thou shall always exercise the highest levels of skill and judgment in the performance of thy client's work

  • We shall make sure that our work and output fully reflects the highest standards of diligence, judgment and experience for the benefit of our clients.

7. Thou shall always strive to keep thy client satisfied with thy services

  • We Shall do whatever it takes to keep our clients satisfied.

8. Thou shall always be creative and take the initiative and be self-motivated in all dealings with thy clients

  • We Shall always be creative when handling work for our clients.
  • We Shall give our clients options to choose from.
  • We shall always take the initiative when dealing with the clients.
  • We shall suggest alternative approaches, solutions and responses to our clients problems and needs.

9. Thou shall always make good use of systems in place to promote efficiency in dealing with thy client

  • We shall always introduce and abide by good management systems that ensure efficiency in dealing with the clients.
  • Every client shall be assured of a consistent and predictable level of service regardless of when or whom they deal with in our organization.

10. Thou shall always uphold the firm's high standards and bear its torch

  • Every lawyer in thought, words and deeds, shall be an ambassador of the firm.
  • We shall always uphold clients’ confidences.
  • We shall always ensure that we maintain the firm’s high standards.